Birth of Herbal Fab

Herbal Fab is run by two brothers Mr Prashant Balar and Mr Kunal Balar

We are both electronic engineers and started our careers in Electronics and IT Industry but left them soon to find some better satisfying path in life and joined our family business.

Our family business for generation has been involved in conventional cotton textiles since 1960 But seeing the unrepairable damage done by the hazardous chemicals used at each stage of conventional textile processing and a vision to make a change, a impact, led to the birth of Herbal fab


“There will be nothing left for the generations to come if we are not sustainable in what we do and a simple rule to be sustainable is to give back to nature what you take from it in the same form; if that is not possible then in a form that is still useful or at least not harmful”

About Herbal Fab

Herbal fab is certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

We offer GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified dyed/printed fabrics in Organic cotton knits/wovens as per custom requirements.

In organic cotton, we do 6’S Count to 80'S Count in woven Fabrics & 30’S, 40’S Single jersey & Interlock in Knits fabrics.

We also offer other Eco-Friendly fabrics like KHADI (Handspun and Handwoven fabric), Non Violent Silk/Peace Silk, Organic denim, Wood based fibres, Special Blended Fabrics.

Herbal fab fabrics find its use on wholesale basis to independent fabric retailers as well as product manufacturers ,Export Houses, Fashion designers in India and internationally

We thrive to become a One Stop Shop for all Eco friendly Textiles need.

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