• Who is Herbal Fab and what are the products you offer?
  • We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one stop shop for Organic cotton and Eco friendly based fabrics.

    Our family business for generation has been involved in conventional cotton textiles since 1960 But seeing the unrepairable damage done by the hazardous chemicals used at each stage of conventional textile processing and a vision to make a change, a impact, led to the birth of Herbal fab.


    We offer GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified dyed/printed fabrics in Organic cotton knits/wovens as per custom requirements. We also offer other Eco-Friendly fabrics like KHADI (Handspun and Handwoven fabric), Non Violent Silk, Organic denim, Wood based fibres, Special Blended Fabrics.

    In Organic cotton : We do 6'S Count to 80'S Count In woven Fabrics & in Knits we generally do 30’S , 40’S Single jersey & INTERLOCK. Other blends fabrics of bamboo/Organic cotton , with Lycra etc are possible.


    We can offer customized garmenting depending on the order (designs,order quantity etc) Here we can do Adult , children as well baby clothing in both knits as wellas wovens.


  • What colors are you can offer?
  • What are the widths you are doing in fabrics?
  • How much can I expect your product to shrink?
  • How can I buy in bulk?
  • Do you take custom order?
  • Is the company certified by any recognized and standard body?
  • Does company follow fair trade?
  • What are the MOQ? (Minimum order quantities)
  • What if we do not meet minimum order quantities (MOQ)?
  • What are your sampling charges?
  • What is your return Policy?
  • What are your lead times?

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