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Special Eco-friendly fabric Section

At Herbal fab, We are not just restricted to Organic Cotton based fabrics but many other Sustainable/Ethical based textiles. Few to mention among them are: KHADI (Hand-spun and Hand-woven).

KHADI (Hand-spun and Hand-woven)

KHADI is fabric that is “Hand spun & Hand woven” instead of using machines.

We provide a range of hand spun and hand woven cloth in a range of colors of nature by natural dyeing. A unique feel and look achieved by hand process that cannot be replicated through machines. Also Known as a Social fabric, as it creates employment for the local people. If KHADI is accepted as a common fabric in India, unemployment will never be a problem in India.

Apart from this conventional khadi we can provide Organic khadi made from certified organic cotton.

Why Khadi...

  • Employment in spinning
    100 people spin the same amount of yarn through hand spinning units as 2 people with a automatic spinning machine.
  • Employment in weaving
    10 people weave the same meter of fabric through hand weaving loom as 1 person on automatic weaving loom.
  • No electricity used in hand spinning or hand weaving

So no to fossil fuel use…. Saving valuable resource
So no to green house gases, no to global warming

Non Violent/Ahimsa Silk/Peace Silk

The traditional process of silk production requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of silk moths in their pupae stage by heating and boiling, most consumers are not aware of this cruelty involved in the production process of normal reeled silk. Silk can also be made in non-violent way.

Our non violent Silk does away with brutal practices in the production of silk without compromising on the quality of output - which actually improves because of fiber purity. Unlike the conventional method where pupae are killed before reeling yarn from the cocoons, in the production of non violent silk the adult moths are allowed to emerge alive from the cocoons and then the silk yarn is spun from the open-ended cocoons.

Organic Denim

Natural indigo was the only source of the dye until about 1900. Within a short time, however, synthetic indigo had almost completely superseded natural indigo, and today nearly all indigo produced is synthetic. Over one billion pairs of jeans around the world are dyed blue with indigo. At herbalfab we are trying to revive the age old occupation of Dyeing with natural indigo and thereby limit the endless use of synthetic indigo.

Here we can offer GOTS certified as well as OE certified Denim fabrics. We also offer job work in natural Indigo yarn dyeing.

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