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Birth of Herbal Fab

For generations, the production of cotton textiles has caused irreparable damage to the environment. As brothers, engineers, kins to textile entrepreneurs, and admirers of nature, Prashant and Kunal decided to make organic textiles attainable to the world, ergo was born – Herbal Fab.

Vision & Mission

There will be nothing left for the generations to come if we are not sustainable in what we do and a simple rule to be sustainable is to give back to nature what you take from it in the same form; if that is not possible then in a form that is still useful or at least not harmful.”

We believe that a majority of the organic clothes/textiles business comprises of designers, small scale brands, and startups, who want to contribute towards the sustainability but high MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), and other supply chain difficulties are limiting them. We aim to reach to as many such individuals/companies as possible, meet their fabric/clothing needs, and help them pass their initial hurdle. Then, the day won’t be far when organic/sustainable textiles/clothing will no longer be a niche.
With the vision of conserving the environment for the future generations, Herbal Fab’s mission is to produce and provide sustainable textiles and clothing.


organic clothes manufacturer

Prashant Balar


A visionary who aims at making the world a sustainable place to live in, he is the brain behind HerbalFab. Inspired by a Jain monk, he believes in living a simple life, with no demands or expectations, and a down-to-earth personality. He founded Herbal Fab when he realised the environmental dangers of conventional textiles. For over ten years now, he has been living an eco-friendly life.

organic clothes manufacturer

Kunal Balar


The man who built Herbal Fab on his brother's values, he is the backbone of Herbal Fab. He transformed a set of ideas into a globally catering company with sheer hard work and dedication. For him, Herbal Fab is his love. From managing end-to-end operations single-handedly to now leading a team, GOTS certified Organic clothing manufacturing factory, and the growing firm, he certainly has come a long way!

Aniket Solanki


A guy with no notion of sustainability, living a modern life, joined Herbal fab in 2017. For him, the environment was a measure of scenic beauty and nothing more. Working at Herbal Fab, alongside Kunal, has inspired him to live a sustainable life. He now aims at doing something for the environment. With his coming Herbal fab could expand their business from just Organic Fabrics Supplier to now an Organic Clothes Manufacturer with an aim to provide complete sustainable garmenting solution. From leading the internal team to coordinating with the factory, he manages all operations at Herbal Fab like a walk in the park.

Gajendra Rabari

Fondly called as Gajiya, he is like the right hand of Herbal Fab. He joined as the tea-maker and now helps around with almost everything at the office. His quick grasping nature and drive for growth have made him an essential part of HerbalFab. 'Gajiya to Herbal Fab is like Bhujiya to Rajasthanis!

Om Chaturvedi

"Why don't we have our own stitching unit?" This thought led us to Om or, as he's fondly called, Raju who back then used to manage a large factory with a hundred machines. His rapport with the artisans at the factory was so good that they would only like working with him. So when we bought some sewing machines and appointed Raju, his team came along! His leadership has led to many successful projects.

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