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If you’re looking for high-quality custom clothing manufacturers in India, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a SEDEX audited Organic clothing manufacturer.

We support woven as well as knit fabric styles catering to all age groups.

Our entire supply chain of organic fabrics and custom sewing clothes is certified by GOTS standards.

Throughout the cycle, from the sourcing of sustainable materials to the creation of Organic cotton garments, we encourage sweatshop-free manufacturing. We also ensure that the dyes used in the fabrics has a low impact on the environment.

We transform your designs into fully sustainable garments using a range of Organic cotton fabrics and other sustainable fabrics we offer.

With our services, we cover sourcing of sustainable fabrics/accessories to the creation of finished Organic products as per your custom requirement.

Visit the Who Made My Clothes to know about our team who are involved in the making of your Organic clothes.

Connect with us on / to discuss further.

Come, have a look at some of the Organic clothes we have made at our GOTS certified Organic clothing manufacturing unit.

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