Discounts and offers are tempting, making you purchase something which you actually don’t need.

Are you passing through similar situation every time you receive an offer update ?

If yes, then you are too a Victim to Fast fashion.

It urges you to end up buying clothes which you don’t even require at the moment.

Brands have begun launching new collection almost every week. Seasonal approach is long gone, with fashion trends changing every week.

Who decides these fashion trends ?

These are the big fast fashion brands who are pumping new style and collections in the market every week, always making you feel that what you are wearing is already old and urges you to buy new.This is mindless consumption and is becoming very common among the young generations.This is really worrisome considering the impact the fashion industry is creating on the mother earth.


  • Of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 92 million tonnes end up in landfills. To put things in perspective, this means that the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes ends up on landfill sites every second. If the trend continues, the number of fast fashion waste is expected to soar up to 134 million tonnes a year by the end of the decade.
  • The Number of Times a Garment is Worn Has Declined by Around 36% In 15 Years”
    Throw away culture is on the rise and posing serious environmental problems.
  • The Fashion Industry is Responsible for 20% of Global Waste Water
  • It Takes 20,000 Litres of Water to Produce One Kilogram of Cotton
  • $500 billion is Lost Each Year Because of Under-wearing and Failure to Recycle Clothes
  • Nearly 10% of Micro plastics Dispersed in the Ocean Each Year Come from the Textiles Industry
  • 2.6 Million Tonnes of Returned Clothes Ended Up in Landfills in 2020 in the US Alone
  • Fast Fashion Brands Are Producing Twice the Amount of Clothes Today Than in 2000

Please consider above when you make your next purchase.

We as a consumer together can bring a huge impact on this by changing our buying habits a bit.
As a responsible consumer we need to support slow sustainable fashion brands.We should shift to sustainable options like Organic cotton clothing, other sustainable fabric and sustainable clothing options.There is no shame in repeating outfits or repairing / mending your old favourites and wearing them again.Keeping sustainability on mind you should rather feel proud in doing so.