Organic cotton refers to naturally cultivated cotton without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides.

It is internationally regulated by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)

The Organic cotton fabric or Organic clothing you are spending a little more money on might not be organic. When companies put the words “organic cotton”, and “At least 50% Organic” on their products, it lures in consumers who want to make a change and are willing to pay more for it than their non-organic counterparts.

There is a lot of Greenwashing done in name of sustainability by some fast fashion brands misleading the end consumer.

Last year an investigation into organic cotton fraud in India revealed 20,000 metric tonnes of cotton were incorrectly certified as organic through a scam abusing the Indian government certification system.

China and Turkey are also massive exporters of organic cotton, and there have been questions about the legitimacy of their organic standards.

Organic Cotton

In order to ensure that our cotton is produced sustainably, we need to know where it’s grown and how the land is managed. Majorly people are relying on certifications but there is a need to go beyond that.

We at Herbal fab believe it is very important to be as close to your supply chain as possible and build TRUST with them beyond just certifications.

We try to trace our cotton back to farmers wherever possible.

We are in touch with some active groups who are closely working with farmers at the ground level.

We have subcontract units certified under GOTS by us for weaving, yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, fabric printing, etc.

Selection of these units is quite crucial as we believe

that people working in organic to be genuine have to have that principle in their work.

We mean to say that if someone is into Organic just for business and money making, we cannot rely on them for authentic processes throughout the supply chain in the long run.

We meet our sub-contract unit personally and after a fine study, we have selected these few units under us.

We also make frequent visits to them.

Our sewing setup is GOTS-certified and SEDEX-audited too.

We believe building TRUST is more important and above certifications FOR END CONSUMERS, we would suggest looking for the GOTS logo in the clothing they purchase and start asking the Brands whose clothes they wear, about #whatintheirclothes #whomadeyourclothes.