This is a very common statement we hear about sustainable, Organic fabrics or clothing options available in the market.

Did you wonder WHY?

Is it justified?

For end consumers product price has always been an important factor regulating their purchase decision but things are changing now.

End consumer are getting more aware about how the fashion Industry works.

So many dirty secrets of fashion Industry are out now which is helping a lot of people to make a conscious decision thereby playing their small part in saving the mother earth.

Thanks to some Organization and social media groups who are continuously working to bring these secrets out and spreading awareness among the end consumer.

To name a few among such groups are Fashion Revolution (@fash_rev), @goodclothesfairpay , @remakeourworld @textileexchange

Conventional Textile Industry model is working on mass cheaper production, Fat fashion model which is involving cheaper harmful fibres, cheaper harmful dyes and under payment to the people involved behind the making of the textile till the end clothing.

On the other hand, sustainable, Organic fabric- clothing options are produced in limited qtys and in more controlled conditions, better for the environment and people involved in the chain.

It supports Ethical sourcing, Fair wages, and small batch production.


You really need to start asking yourself #whatsinmyclothes #whomadeyourclothes

The more you know about the truth behind what gets involved behind making of the textile or the clothing piece you are purchasing, the lesser you will regret paying more or complain about sustainable options being expensive.

Rather you will feel good as by supporting sustainable fashion industry you are doing your small bit in helping the farmers, environment, labours etc. involved behind the scenes.

Shopping sustainably is more expensive and therefore requires a conscious lifestyle shift – if you want to stick with the same budget, you have to buy less items