Hearing a lot about sorry state of the farmers and rate of suicides, made us more and more curious as to what is actually going at the ground level. We realised that current cotton farming system in not in much support to Farmers

Firstly, BT cotton has done a huge damage to the Industry converting majority of the farmers to it who were originally doing organic cotton farming. Though initially it increased the yield but with constant use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the soil fertility degraded year on year.

Secondly with pests developing resistance year on year, made the farmers use more quantity and stronger version thereby degrading the soil quality, degrading their personal health, increasing their farm input cost, ultimately putting them under spiral of debt, leading to suicides.

Thirdly, Indigenous variety of seeds are almost getting vanish. It is said that only 1-2 % of cotton farming is under indigenous varieties and which not supported will also get lost.

Indigenous variety also known as Desi variety, born in nature, without any external human interventions are reusable and by default do not require Chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow. Also, they are mostly rain fed, thereby not requiring irrigation system thereby greatly reducing the consumption of water needed in growing of the cotton crop. They are said to be “Default Organic”

 It is also said that cotton farming in not profitable in the current scenario and farmers are having hard time everywhere.

We really believe farmers should get more respect world over.

Herbal Fab Blog

Keeping that in mind, we at HERBAL FAB are working on below:

  • Deeper traceability till end farmer on our existing GOTS certified Organic cotton fabrics and if we can play a role by bringing a change by giving them extra premium for Organic cotton.
  • Promoting Indigenous variety of cotton as we think they are most Environment Friendly variety. There are lot of technical challenges too in converting them to required yarn quality as needed for one’s end product/application


We are working on the same and hoping to make a change at whatever level we can.