We believe that a majority of the organic textiles’ business comprises of designers, small scale brands, and startups, who want to contribute towards the sustainability of available natural resources but high MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), and other difficulties are limiting them.

When we wanted to set up a unit with our values’ we realized that the biggest barrier for a small set up to get started is the caveat of quantity. Many people who are passionate about creating a niche with their sense of colour and design of a finished clothing may not be able to get the organic material unless in large quantities.

So how do you facilitate the market in a way that you reduce the entry barrier for new players who want to choose non-toxic, GOTS certified Organic fabric and other sustainable fabrics?

We are not willing to go by the rules that exist but want to un-leash the potential of so many people, small design studios, and firms.

We aim to reach to as many such individuals/companies as possible, meet their Organic fabric/Organic clothing needs, and help them pass their initial hurdle. Then, the day won’t be far when organic/sustainable textiles/clothing will no longer be a niche.

We at HERBAL FAB, have been working on this principle since 2015 and try to stock on basic fabrics at our risk to support this.
We are trying to keep NO MOQ criteria for a lot of fabrics at our end unless it’s a limitation at our end.

If not NO MOQ criteria ,we are trying to support smallest qtys possible for new making of the same
Still there are lot of challenges we are facing, as for doing smaller qtys, we have to work with same bigger mills to maintain quality etc.

We do not want to promote lower grade quality in name of Organic Cotton/other sustainable fabrics.

We are trying to replicate the same model at our GOTS certified and SEDEX audited stitching factory where we can support sewing at smaller scale too.

With the vision of conserving the environment for the future generations, Herbal Fab’s mission is to produce and provide sustainable textiles/clothing service to all.

We want to support every kind of Order unless it is a limitation at our end, so we do not want anyone to hesitate to Inquire with us, irrespective of their order qty or size of their company.